Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Some more from the pages of 'Reach for Mars.':

Located on the lower level of the Albatross, directly below the flight deck, the windows of the cafeteria looked forward from the bow of the ship as did the flight deck windows above.

Therefore, there was only one possible source of the light from the Martian landscape that was shining through the cafeteria windows, and that would be from the wrecked alien craft that lay before the Albatross. I slowly crossed the cafeteria toward the windows until I could glance out and down at the shipwreck. The light was indeed emanating from the wreck, through its flight deck windows as well as the portholes arrayed along the port side of the hull. It was not overly strong or bright, but it was enough for me to see into the part of the flight deck visible through the alien ship’s windows from my angle of sight. I could see a part of the flight-control consoles below the windows and part of the starboard bulkhead beside them. As I stared into the ship, I thought I saw a shadow pass across the starboard wall. It was the faintest outline of a shadow, but it was enough to give me the impression that it was the shape of a humanoid head. I continued to stare but saw no more shadows, moving or otherwise.

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